Monday, 31 December 2012

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Best Lodging and Restaurants in GETTYSBURG

The Brickhouse Inn is the premier and award winning lodging and restaurant in the historic town of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, United States. Here the visitors can expect world class accommodation and food with some fine and authentic cuisines and wines from tropical regions of the world. There are winter discounts available for the business travelers on advance booking and confirmation of rooms. The Brickhouse Inn also issues the availability of their rooms and restaurant services in the form of gift certificates.  These things serve as ideal ones to be gifted on for occasion like Christmas and New Year so that the couple or family staying here can experience utmost comforted experience with ergonomic series of beds and delicious breakfast. The Inn consists of two buildings adjacent to each other, each of them being historic in symbolic significance. The 1898 classic Victorian house is no less than a mansion with original wooden floors, antiques and family heirlooms. These make a great presentation to welcome the visitors and pose a classic look at the onset of this century. TripAdvisor has rated this lodging and restaurant service as amongst the top most must visit sites in Gettysburg. 

This is perhaps the oldest and historically most significant undoubtedly restaurant and lodging system in Gettysburg. The interiors and the outside are beautifully and very much authentically restored for the guests so that the classic look and charm of this age hold house is still preserved. This is also open to the public in general as a classical fine dining colonial restaurant. This house was established in four scores of centuries and just about 7 years in the making of the mansion, roughly around the time which led to the Civil war in Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. This place is also registered in the National Register as amongst the most significant and historic homes all over the USA. The restaurant has a great charm of ambience, candlelit elegance, and superior quality food in abundance with a great variety to choose from for the flavor savvy visitors who arrive for business trips. The hospitality of this house’s lodging and restaurant is very well accredited to be of supreme nature. The architecture of this mansion poses in-house bakery as well as slave hideout in the form of an underground railroad. 

This lodging accommodation and restaurant architecture is located in the Seminary Ridge in the downtown Gettysburg’s historic district. The view from this lodging extends to the Gettysburg National Military Park as well as the adjacent Gettysburg College and Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. This hotel makes provision of a free admission inside to the general public inside the small museum which is located on to the premises. There is a National Apple Harvest Festival which is celebrated eleven miles away from this Inn. The attractive feature of the lodging is the Appalachian Brewing Company which is located on site and makes an offering of the lunch and dinner. The visitors who arrive for business trips also have the facility to enjoy the many recreational activities at the Gettysburg mountain located nearby.